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C++ Game Programming Resource Center


C++ Game Programming Libraries, Tooklits and Engines
"The Game" Project
"The Game" project will help you develop 2D and 3D cross platform computer games. The project consists of a game engine library, a graphical interface, and a gaming package.
Fantasy Chess
Fantasy Chess is a chess game environment and game server that includes libraries for developers.
Zig Client-Server Networking
Zig is a free game-oriented client-server networking execution framework that enables developers to use other engines and libraries for graphics and game physics to eliminate the need for developing game networking engines.
DirectMedia Layer
DirectMedia Layer is an object-oriented high-level library for multimedia and game programming.
GEDI is a free C++ game engine for 2D video game design and programming. It automates loading, rendering animations, digital sound playing, and special effects.
RealismX Game Engine
RealismX Game Engine is a free C++ game engine that assists in the installation of graphics, input, physics, AI, and sound in game programs.
libCon is a Windows game playing library for C++. Interfaces include 2D graphics, 3D graphics, sound, music, and input.
OpenFury is a free 3D game engine for use in software development.
KoGe is a free 2D game tool for developing games. Features include an animator and action editor. Planned features include an interactive zone editor, physics, composing, scripting, and level editing.
G3D Engine for Game Development
G3D is an open source, cross platform 3D engine (written in C++) for game development, military simulators and more. Site includes downloads, documentation, screenshots, demos, forums, source code and more. Check out the G3D gallery to see how the engine has been used by members of the community to create games.
OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) is an open source 3D engine written in C++, using libraries including Direct3D and OpenGL. Developers can use it to easily create applications with hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. It is not a game engine, but it can be used to create games. Site includes a list of features, downloads, a wiki, FAQs, screenshots, documentation, forums, testimonials and more.
ClanLib is a cross platform C++ toolkit library primarily used for game development. Site includes downloads, documentation, a forum, mailing lists for users and developers, tutorials, articles, tips and tricks, examples of games built with ClanLib, a FAQ and more.
Crystal Space
Crystal Space is a free, open source, multi-platform 3D game development kit written in C++. Features include a flexible plugin system, SCF (Shared Class Facility) for communication between layers, 15/16-bit and 24/32-bit (truecolor) displays, commandline arguments, open C++ source code, textures with various formats (GIF, TGA, PNG, BMP, JPG, etc.), transparent and semi-transparent textures, a landscape engine, portability and more. Crystal Space is available under the LGPL GNU copyleft license and can be used in commercial products (per the terms of the LGPL license). Site includes downloads, an extensive list of features, documentation, a FAQ, a project wiki, forums, a blog and more.
Irrlicht Engine
The Irrlicht Engine is a free, open source, realtime 3D engine written in object-oriented C++. Features include realtime 3D rendering using Direct3D and OpenGL, cross-platform capability, extensible material library, Character animation system, lots of special effects, a customizable 2D GUI system, 2D drawing functions, collision detection and response, an integrated XML parser, Unicode support for localization and more. Site includes downloads, news, features list, screen shots, documentation, tutorials, a FAQ, a project wiki and more.
Panda3D is a free C++ library (with Python bindings) for rapid 3D rendering and game development. Panda3D was developed by Disney for a large-scale, online multiplayer game (Toontown) and is now co-developed by Disney and Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. Site includes downloads, links to Panda 3D projects, a user manual, code examples, documentation, API reference materials, forums and more. Panda3D developers can submit their projects to be included on the site.

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