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C++ Boost Libraries Resource Center

C++ Boost Libraries Books
Book: Beyond the C Standard Library: An Introduction to Boost, August 2005, by Bjorn Karlsson. Topics include smart pointers, best practices for type conversions, utility classes, container libraries, regular expressions with Boost.Regex and function objects.

Book: C Template Metaprogramming: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques from Boost and Beyond, by David Abrahams and Alesky Gurtovoy. Explains metaprogramming, how C is especially suited for it and how to use the Boost Metaprogramming Library.

Book: The Boost Graph Library User Guide and Reference Manual," December 2001, by Jeremy G. Siek, Lie-Quan lee, and Andrew Lumsdaine. Discusses graph terminology, graph concepts, graph construction and modification, graph classes and adapters, polymorphism, concepts and models, the Boost namespace, basic graph algorithms, shortest-path problems, minimum-spanning-tree problem, connected components, maximum flow, interfacing with other graph libraries, and performance guidelines.

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