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C# Programming Resource Center

C# is one of the most popular object-oriented, event-driven programming languages in use today. Our C# Resource Center focuses on the enormous amount of free C# content available online. Start your search here for resources, downloads, tutorials, webcasts, C# game programming resources, documentation, books, e-books, journals, articles, blogs, RSS feeds and more that will help you develop C# applications.
     As we scoured the Web, we found some fabulous and fun sites that we think you’ll enjoy. Interested in becoming a game programmer? The C# Resource Center includes links to several C# game programming webcasts that will teach you how to develop games and an animated screensaver using C#. Want to know what the experts are saying about C#? You’ll find links to Microsoft’s Visual C# 2005 Team blogs. Interested in using an open-source version of C#? Check out the SharpDevelop open-source integrated development environment downloads, tutorials and articles.

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Update :: January 22, 2020