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Apple iPhone Resource Center
OpenGL Landscape View and Handling Touches
Tutorial: “OpenGL ES 12—Landscape View and Handling Touches Part I: 2D World,” by Simon Maurice. Discusses 2D display in landscape mode, drawing something to touch, world to screen coordinates, handling touches, finger coordinate to object coordinate detection and detecting touches into a square.
OpenGL Single Texture, Multiple Looks . . .
Tutorial: “OpenGL ES 11—Single Texture, Multiple Looks, Render to Texture and Getting Inspired in Math,” by Simon Maurice. Discusses OpenGL Y coordinates, multiple textures from a single texture, drawing a tunnel, render to texture, render to texture (the process), creating the render texture, rendering the scene, copying a render buffer to a render texture and rendering a new texture.
Your First iPhone Application
Tutorial: “Your First iPhone Application,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses design patterns, delegation, Model-View-Controller (MVC), target action mechanism, creating a project, Xcode, application bootstrapping, adding a view controller, adding a view controller class, adding a view controller property, adding a view controller instance, setting up the view, housekeeping, implementation source listing, adding a nib file, interface builder, creating the nib file, configuring file’s owner, connecting the view outlet, loading the nib file, configuring the view, adding the user interface elements, making connections, implementing the view controller and troubleshooting.
iPhone Game Programming Tutorial - Part 1
"iPhone Game Programming Tutorial - Part 1," from the iCode Blog. Discusses creating an iPhone game from the ground up, the aspects of developing an iPhone game, graphics, sounds, game mechanics, and some simple computer AI.
Make and Use Themes with WinterBoard
Tutorial: "Make and Use Themes with WinterBoard," from Hack that Phone. Discusses what a theme is, WinterBoard, creating a basic theme, changing program icons, changing battery icon, changing carrier logos, changing WiFi signal strength icons, changing cellular signal strength bars, changing keyboards, changing sliders, changing the process wheel, changing system sounds, changing the SpringBoard page indicators, simplifying the lock screen, custom keypad dialer, changing SpringBoard fonts, font sizes and font colors, rotating images as wallpaper, custom 3G icons, changing the notification badges, animated SpringBoard images, five icon dock and per-page wallpaper images.
iCode iPhone Programming Tutorial
Tutorial: "iPhone Programming Tutorial—Using openURL to Send Email from Your App," from iCodeBlog. Discusses how to open from your applications to send contact email; prefilling the subject, to line, and body of the email and creating a reusable function to send mail from your iPhone app.

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