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Apple iPhone Resource Center
iPhone 3.0
Get Ready for iPhone 3.0 SDK
The iPhone 3.0 SDK page includes information on six of the most promising features in the new version: in-app purchase, peer-to-peer connectivity, push notification service, Google Maps MapKit Framework, Accessories, and iPod Library Access. Also contains information for joining the iPhone Developer Program.
iPhone OS 3.0 Preview
The Apple iPhone operating system (OS 3.0). Discusses new features including global copy-paste, search, MMS messaging and new landscape views. Also includes video from the event where Apple announced the 3.0 upgrade.
Developers Enthused about iPhone 3.0 SDK
"Developers Enthused about iPhone 3.0 SDK," by Chris Foresman. Discusses the new features in the iPhone 3.0 SDK and how developers have been reacting to them, specifically CoreData, GameKit, StoreKit, and external devices. Also discusses new features that Apple could include in the future.
Live From Apple's iPhone 3.0 Preview Event
Complete feed from Apple's March 17, 2009 event centered around the new iPhone 3.0 operating system and SDK. Includes all the announcements, key slides and demos, and the question and answer section at the end of the event.
iPhone OS SDK 3.0 Beta
Blog post that lists off the announced highlights of the upcoming iPhone 3.0 OS and SDK.
A Quick Overview of Basic Core Data Concepts
"A Quick Overview of Basic Core Data Concepts," from Theocacao. Describes the functionality of Core Data on the Mac, an API which is expected to be included on the iPhone in the next update. Core Data allows for a more streamlined approach to persistent data than using XML or SQL databases.

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