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Apple iPhone Resource Center
Training Courses
iPhone Training Courses
Training Courses: A series of fee-based iPhone training courses available for Izatt include: “Beginning Objective-C (with a focus on the iPhone) ,” “iPhone developer Training (the iPhone SDK),” and “Beginning iPhone Gaming (2D and 3D).”
iPhone Application Programming Course
Course: “iPhone Application Programming,” CS193P offered by Stanford University. Topics include memory management, saving and loading data using NSDefaults, publishing to the Apps Store, view controllers, the iPhone SDKs, navigation controllers, tab bar controllers, how to have data flow between view controllers, how view controllers can be combined to build up modular interfaces, views in iPhone applications (including creating custom views, geometry, drawing things on screen, images and animation), anatomy of an iPhone application, Model, View, Controller, Interface Builder nib files, controls and the target-action design, Objective-C (including writing custom classes, object lifecycle, autorelease and Objective-C properties) and Objective-C and Foundation framework APIs.

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Update :: December 17, 2018