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Apple iPhone Resource Center
Sample Chapters
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Jungle
“Chapter 1: Welcome to the Jungle,” from Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK, by Jeff LaMarche (November 2008). Discusses what you need before you begin, Objective-C downloads, coding for the iPhone, only one running application, one window, limited access, limited response time and limited screen size.
Introduction to Table Views
“Chapter 8: Introduction to Table Views,” from Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK, by Jeff LaMarche (November 2008). Discusses the cell application, adding subviews to the table view cell, modifying the controller header file and implementing the controller’s code.
Programming the iPhone SDK
“Programming the iPhone SDK,” from The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook: Building Applications with the iPhone SDK, by Erica Sadun (October 2008). Discusses Apple’s iPhone SDK, dashcode, simulator, interface builder, assembling iPhone projects, iPhone application components, application folder hierarchy, the executable, the Info.pllst file, icon and default images and the XIB (NIB) files.
Getting Started with the iPhone SDK
“Getting Started with the iPhone SDK,” from iPhone SDK Application Development: Building Applications for the AppStore, by Jonathan Zdziarski (January 2009). Discusses the autonomy of an application, CodeSignature, Default.png, icon.png, Info.plist, MyApp, pic.png, PkgInfo, underneath Xcode, installing the iPhone SDK and what you need (the Apple developer key and an iPhone).
The Bare Essentials
“The Bare Essentials: The Stuff You Have to Learn First,” from The iPhone Book: How to Do the Most Important, Useful & Fun Stuff with Your iPhone, 2nd edition, by Scott Kelby and Terry White (October 2008). Discusses turning on the iPhone, putting it to sleep, turning it off, getting stuff onto the iPhone with iTunes and returning to the home screen.
Remedial iTunes
“Remedial iTunes,” from iPhone Fully Loaded, by Andy Ihnatko (December 2008). Discusses the basics, importing files into iTunes, the Add To Library command, dragging, organizing music into playlists, plain playlists and smart playlists.

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