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Apple iPhone Resource Center
Digging into the iPhone Hardware
Article: "Digging into the iPhone Hardware," by Bobbie McKee. Discusses the interface and screen, audio enhancement, phone battery, SIM card, storage and accessories.
iPhone 3.0 Text Editing Features
Slide presentation: "iPhone 3.0 Adds Copy and Paste, MMS, Global Spotlight Search," by Prince McLean. Discusses new text editing features, copying and pasting in an app, copying and pasting across apps, copying and pasting web content, the Undo, copying and pasting multiple photos to Mail, landscape mode for all key apps, multimedia messaging, the voice memos app, the CalDAV calendar, note sync, spotlight search and other application features.
The Black Art of 3D Game Programming
Article: “The Black Art of 3D Game Programming,” by Andre LaMothe. Discusses points, lines polygons in 2D; transformations in the 2D plane, rotation, 3D space, vectors and vector operations, fixed point mathematics, making the leap to 3D, points, lines polygons in 3D; data structures, coordinate systems, transformations in 3D, projecting the image, hidden surface removal and rendering, illumination and the graphics pipeline.
iPhone Site
The iPhone site contains information on the iPhone including what's new in the iPhone 3G, applications, the App Store, the iPhone OS 3.0 software, the iPhone 3G World Tour, tips and tricks, conference calls, sending email, text messaging, song playback and more.
iTunes U
iTunes U for Apple allows colleges, universities and educational organization the ability to place educational materials on iTunes that can be searched and downloaded. Information includes how to's, what instructors need to know, guides and discussions.
The iPhone Application Builder
Article: "The iPhone Application Builder," by Bob Cusick discusses building an application for mobile devices, creating the prototype and refining the design. Site
The Site provides resources such as new and articles related to the iPhone, iPhone downloads (including applications ringtones and games), quick tips, a blog, iPhone features, parameters of the iPhone 3G and more.
AppBeacon for iPhone and iPod Touch
AppBeacon application for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a search engine for the iPhone that will locate apps, allow users to bookmark apps for later purchase, remove apps that are of no interest and keep track of apps that the user currently has.

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Update :: December 19, 2018