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Apple iPhone Resource Center
Getting Started with Graphics and Animation
“Getting Started with Graphics and Animation,” from the Apple Developer Connection iPhone Reference Library. Discusses the UIKit (library of Objective-C classes) used to animate the user interface, the Core Graphics (C-based API) used for drawing vector graphics, bitmap images, and PDF content, the Core Animation Objective-C API used for smooth motion and dynamic feedback, the OpenGL ES (mobile version of OpenGL) used for high-performance 2D and 3D drawing on mobile devices, deciding which frameworks to use, animating, working with images, drawing custom 2D content, and drawing with OpenGL ES.
The iPhone entry on Wikipedia. Discusses what the iPhone is, the history of the iPhone, hardware, specifications, features, models, screen and input, audio, battery, SIM card, storage, software, interface, multimedia, Internet connectivity, text input, e-mail and message texting, third-party applications, intellectual property, restrictions, activation and references.
Getting Started with iPhone OS
"Getting Started with iPhone OS," from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses what the iPhone OS comprises, the basics, tools for iPhone OS development, an Objective-C primer, creating an iPhone application, audio and video, data management, graphics and animation, networking and the Internet, performance, security and the user experience.
Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language
"Introduction to The Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language," from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses objects, classes, messaging, defining a class, allocating and initializing objects, declared properties, categories, extensions, protocols, fast enumeration, enabling static behavior, selectors, exception handling, threading, remote messaging and using C++ with Objective-C.

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