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Apple iPhone Resource Center
Icons and Resources for iPhone Developers
Download: Icons and resources for iPhone developers from Glyphish. An assortment of icons that can be used on the iPhone and iPod.
iPhone Weather Apps
Article: "10 iPhone Weather Apps," by Tanner Morrison. Discusses 10 weather apps available (both free and fee-based) for the iPhone including "Weatherbug" with features such as severe weather alerts, weather cameras, radar and maps; The Weather Channel that features location-based forecasts, radar, severe weather alerts, video forecasts and traffic cameras; Weathereye featuring weather alerts, hourly forecasts, radar and traffic information; AeroWeather featuring altitude, wind speed and direction, sunrise and sunset times, location awareness and runway reports; NavClock features time and location displays, elevation, coordinates, and Zulu time for aviation; Deluxware Weather features wind speed and direction, local time, actual temperature, UV index, dew point, visibility and humidity; Fizz Weather features sunrise and sunset, radar, wind speed and direction, a barometer, visibility and UV indices; and My Weather Mobile features radar, wind speed and direction and satellite view.

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Update :: December 19, 2018