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Apple iPhone Resource Center
Developer Site
iPhone Application Programming Guide
“iPhone Application Programming Guide” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses the core application (basic structure of every iPhone application), window and views (describes the iPhone windowing model and how to use views to organize a user interface), event handling (describes the event model and shows you how to handle Multi-Touch events), graphics and drawing (covers the graphics architecture of the iPhone OS, shows how to draw shapes and images and incorporate animations into content), text and web (describes the text support in iPhone OS), files and networking (guidelines for working with files and network connections), multimedia support (how to use the audio and video technologies), device support (how to integrate features into an application) and application preferences (how to configure application preferences and display them in the Settings application).
iPhone Development Guide
“iPhone Development Guide,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses an iPhone development quick start (overviews the major development tasks to using Xcode), configuring applications (describes how to configure an application’s entitlements), running applications, (the steps required to run or debug your iPhone applications), using iPhone Simulator (describes how to use a computer’s input devices to simulate the interaction between users and their devices), managing devices (how to configure a computer and a device for development, how to use the Xcode Organizer and how to safeguard the digital identifications), debugging applications (the Xcode debugging facilities), tuning applications (describes Instruments and Shark, the tools used to measure and tune an application’s performance), publishing applications for testing (steps needed to perform to add testers), the iPhone development FAQ and instructions for applications testers.
The Safari Dev Center (Desktop)
The Safari Dev Center. Resources (for the desktop) include tutorials, overviews, downloads, the Safari Reference Library, coding how to’s, videos, the Safari Visual Effects Guide, the safari Client-Side Storage and Offline Applications programming Guide, safari 4 Public Beta, the WebKit and more.
The Safari Dev Center (Mobile)
The Safari Dev Center. Resources (for mobile) include overviews, tutorials, the safari reference Library, data management, markup, styling, graphics, media, visual effects, scripting, security, tools, coding how to’s, videos, the iPhone developer program and more.
iPhone Dev Center
iPhone Dev Center provides resources including getting started documents, the iPhone Reference Library, an iPhone Application Programming Guide, an iPhone Development Guide, iPhone Human Interface Guidelines, the iPhone SDK, getting started videos, sample code and more
iPhone Dev Center
The iPhone Dev Center. Resources include downloads of the iPhone SDK, the SDK Readme and SDK agreement, getting started videos, getting started documents, coding how-to’s, the iPhone reference library (including programming guide, development guide, human interface guidelines, audio and video, data management, graphics and animation, networking and the Internet, performance, security, user experience, the Cocoa touch layer, the media layer, the core OS layer, development environments, performance tuning and resource notes) and sample code.
iPhone Developer Program
iPhone Developer Program. The fee-based developer program provides a complete process for developing, debugging and distributing iPhone applications. Members have access to the iPhone SDK for iPhone OS 3.0 and mechanisms for the distribution of free, commercial or in-house applications.
UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad and the Missing Return Key
Blog: "UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad and the Missing 'Return' Key," by Luzian Scherrer. Discusses the UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad lack of a Return key, the returnKeyType, and a workaround solution.
iPhone Technical Specifications
iPhone Technical Specifications from Apple. Information includes height, width, depth, weight, display (diagonal), pixels, language support, color, audio, headphones, capacity, video, connectors (I/O), external buttons and controls, power and battery, cellular and wireless, GPS, Mac system requirements, Windows system requirements, camera and photos, language support, environmental requirements, in the box and mail attachment support.
Apple and Third Party Terms and Conditions
"Apple and Third Party Terms and Conditions." Discusses Apple iPhone Software License Agreement, Apple iTune Store Terms of Service, Google Maps Terms and Conditions, YouTube Terms of Use and notices from Apple.

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