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Apple iPhone Resource Center
Graphics & Animation
"Graphics & Animation," from the iPhone Reference Library." Discusses Quartz (2D drawing engine), Core Animation (the technology that add smooth and dynamic feedback to the user interface) and OpenGL ES (the interface for high-performance 3D graphics on mobile devices. Additional resources include "Getting Started" topics for graphics and animation and coding how to's.
iPhone's Animated Transitions
Blog: "Watching Apple: Up-right-out-and-spin: iPhone's Animated Transitions," by John Blackburn. Discusses what the iPhone is, multitasking, random access, the zoom in and out (moving between applications), slide left or right (moving through hierarchies and viewing collections), slide up and down (displaying utility panels), fade in and out (switching between views) and spin around (selecting and modifying attributes).

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Update :: December 17, 2018