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Apple iPhone Resource Center
Apple's Web Apps Site
Apple's Web Apps Site. A listing of more than 1700 applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch including connections to news Digg, sudoku games, movie information, train schedules, blogs and more.
iPhone Bookworm
Article: "iPhone Bookworm: Reconnecting with the Classics," by Joseph Hanlon. The Classics application (fee-based) allows users to read such classic books as Pride and Prejudice, The Time Machine, Alice in Wonderland and more on an Apple iPhone. Features include a simple layout with brown text on a white page, a page-turning animation and free updates when available.
Human Atlas for the iPhone
"Human Atlas for the iPhone," created by Blausen, Inc. The Human Atlas iPhone app has access to 3D animations of common medical treatments and conditions. Topics covered include cancer, circulatory, digestive, ear, endocrine, eye, immune, muscular, nervous, pediatric, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, skin and urinary and are presented in one-to-two-minute narrated segments.
11 Essential iPhone Apps for a Road Trip
Blog: "11 Essential iPhone Apps for a Road Trip," by Ben Parr. Discusses "MapsBuddy" (for searching Google Maps), "SimulTravel GPS" (for locating hotels), "Urbanspoon" (for locating restaurants), "Yelp" (detects current location and reviews local restaurants, hotels and gas stations), "Where To?" (locates places of interest), "Road Trip" (tracks mileage, fuel prices, graphs out trip expenses, and exports the data to CSV), "The Weather Channel" (provides weather conditions for an exact location and radar maps and long-term forecasts) and WifiTrack" (helps determine the strength of WiFi hotspots and helps find the ones that are free).
FiRe Audio Recorder Now Available on Apple App...
Blog: "FiRe Audio Recorder Now Available on Apple App Store," by Brian. Discusses the FiRe Audio Recorder from Audiofile Engineering a professional field recorder built exclusively for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Features include field recording with an accurate real-time waveform display, audio markers, support for professional Broadcast WAVE metadata, and the instant downloading of audio files in multiple formats.
The iPhone Piano
"Pianist" the iPhone piano from MooCow Music. Pianist is a virtual piano for the iPhone and iPod Touch features include realistic graphics (3D keys), pianola effect moves keys when they are played back, volume of each key played can be set, full 88-key piano keyboard, zoomable keys, a metronome, multitrack recording and more.
The iPhone Guitar
"Guitarist" the iPhone guitar from MooCow Music. Guitarist is a guitar simulator for the iPhone features include performances that can be recorded and overdubbed, the "Manual Fret" guitar (emulation of a real guitar), the "Hammer On" guitar (removes the concept of plucking the string), the "Scale" guitar (allows you to play runs through a large number of musical scales), guitar patches and effects, song recording, and the Tab guitar (programs in entire song of chords or solos and plays them back by tapping your way through the notes).
iPhone Apps
A complete listing of all the iPhone apps (over 3900) currently available. The latest apps are listed by date (when they became available), name, company and a brief description as to what the app does.

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Update :: October 23, 2018