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Android Resource Center
Common Tasks and How to Do Them in Android
How Tos: "Common Tasks and How to Do Them in Android," from the Android Developers site. Topics include creating an app using the Eclipse plugin, creating an app not using the Eclipse plugin, adding an external library, implementing activity callbacks, opening a new screen, listening for button clicks, configuring window properties, displaying alerts and much more.
Android (OS)
Android (operating system) definition on Wikipedia. Discusses what Android is, the history of Android, hardware running Android, software development, marketing, restrictions and issues and additional references.
Sample chapter: “Introduction,” from Web Geek’s Guide to the Android-Enabled Phone, by Jerri Ledford, Bill Zimmerly and Prasanna Amirthalingam (October 2009). Discusses the birth of Android, how it all comes together, devices, the applications, the Android platform and special features.
What is Android?
Sample chapter: “What is Android?” from Android a Programmer’s Guide, by Jerome DiMarzino (July 2008). Discusses what Android is, a brief history of embedded device programming, the Open Handset Alliance and Android, and an introduction to Android.
Introduction to Android Development
Article: "Introduction to Android Development," by Frank Ableson. Discusses the Android platform and how it can be used for mobile and nonmobile applications, a history of Android, Android software layers, the application architecture, required tools, the Android begug bridge and coding a basic application.
How to Work With Android Source Code
Article: "How-to Work With Android Source Code," by Santiago de Compsotela. Discusses what Google Android source code looks like, the Android Open Source platform, the repository, getting the source code, how to develop applications on Android, how to create UI using DroidDraw, how to use Dalvik Debug Monitor Service (DDMS) tool with Google Android, how to work with Android source code, how to work with Google Android databases and understanding Google Android programming terminology.
How-to Create an Android Application: Structure
Article: "How-to Create an Android Application: Structure," by Santiago de Compsotela. Discusses how to create an application for Android and examine the structure of an Android application, program structure, how to develop applications on Android, setting the environment, using Eclipse and NetBeans for developing Google Android apps, how to create user interfaces (UIs) using XML (layouts) and how to create a UI using XML (widgets).
Android Definition
Android Definition from Wikipedia. Discusses what Android is, history, licensing, features, update history, hardware products running Andriod, marketing, restrictions and issues.
The Big Picture and Project Structure
Sample chapters: “The Big Picture” and “Project Structure,” from Beginning Android, by Mark Murphy (June 2009). Discusses what Android devices are, what Androids are made of, activities, content providers, Intents, services, storage, network, multimedia, GPs, phone service and root contents.
Android Programming
Article: "Android Programming by Commons Guy. Discusses what Androids are made of, activities, content providers, Intents, services, getting into Android development, Android 1.5, the Android community, blobs and Tweets, suggested books, apps and stores, devices and related links.
Hello, World | Android Developers
"Hello, World," from the Android Developers site. Discusses creating an AVD (Android Virtual Device), creating a project, constructing the UI, running the code, upgrading the UI to an XML layout, debugging the project and creating a project without Eclipse.

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