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Android Resource Center
Developer Site
Android Developer Challenge
Android Developer Challenge 2 winners. Categories include overall, education/reference, entertainment, arcade/action, casual/puzzle, lifestyle, media, productivity/tools, social networking, travel and misc. Site Site. This site is a source of information for Android developers including new articles, tutorials, a FAQ, and more. Topics include the Android SDK, login and registration, user preferences and settings, formatting and topic types, and much more.
Android Applications for Java ME Developers
Article: "Android Applications for Java ME Developers," from Motorola. Discusses the Android manifest, activities and the activity stack, main.xml and friends, strings.xml, IDs, an "Hello World" example, layout, strings.xml, activity states, an interaction example, option menu layout, tasks and applications, intents and bundles, orientation changes, UI state and IDs and other Android components.
Android Operating System
Article: "Android Operating System," by M. Thiyagaraaj and P. Christinal. Overviews what Android is and discusses open source, the ability to tailor a phone's capabilities, application development, licensing, the Google APIs add-on and features including handset layouts, storage, connectivity, messaging, web browsing, the Java virtual machine, media support, hardware support and the development environment.
Android Developers
The Android developers website provides the SDK (including tools, sample code and documentation), a means for publishing Android applications, references, blog and connections to the Android community.
The Developer's Guide
"The Developer's Guide," from the Android Developers site. Discusses the basics, framework topics, developing, publishing, best practices, tutorials and samples and reference information and specifications, as well as FAQs, a glossary of terms, and more.
MIPS Android
MIPS developers can use the Android platform for consumer devices, digital TVs, mobile internet devices (MIDs), mobile handsets, home media players and VoIP systems. Topics include what Android is, Android on mobile devices, driving Android into the digital home and developer resources.

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