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Android Resource Center
Obtaining a Live Camera Preview in Android
Live Camera Preview in Android by Tom GiGoro. The code contains a light interface (protects client code from the choice of camera), a CameraSource implementation (uses a device's camera), an implementation for getting images over an HTTP connection, an implementation that obtains images directly over TCP/IP connections, an implementation that uses a supplied bitmap and a Java application the uses JMF to broadcast over a network.
Code Style Guide (Android Open Source Project)
"Code Style Guide," from the Android Open Source Project. Discusses Android code style rules, Java language rules, Java library rules, Java style rules, Javatests style rules, exceptions, finalizers, imports, wildcards in imports, comments, short methods, local variables, indentation, field names, braces, line length, Java annotations, acronyms in names, TODO style, consistency, logging and naming test methods.
Android Code Network
Android Code Network categories include business to business, computing and the Internet, marketing and ads, fun and entertainment, money and employment, health and fitness, home and family, society and culture and sports and recreation.
A Visual Guide to Android GUI Widgets
"A Visual Guide to Android GUI Widgets," provides code for a analog clock, button, checkbox, data picker, digital clock, edit text, gallery, image button, image view, progress bar, radio button, spinner, text view and time picker.
Code Snippets for Android
Code snippets for Android. An assortment of Android code including a voice recognition emulator, a WiFi scanner, a camera application, preference screen with custom views, an API for printing from an Android application and many more. In addition there are “how to” FAQs.

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Update :: October 19, 2018