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Android Resource Center
Apps for Android
Apps for Android: Project Hosting on Google Code. This is a collection of 15 open source applications that demonstrate the features of the Android platform.
Android Application Provisioning Strategies
Article: "Android Application Provisioning Strategies," posted by Nazumal. Discusses what and Android executable is, how executables are loaded, extending applications once they've been installed, accessing class files in an app's own APK file, development, scenarios, the Google App Store, your own Android app store, and loading you apps from HTTP.
Application Fundamentals
Article: "Application Fundamentals," from Android Developers. Discusses application components, activities, services, broadcast receivers, content providers, activating components (Intents), shutting down components, the manifest file, Intent filters, activities and tasks, affinities and new tasks, launch modes, clearing the stack, starting tasks, processes and threads, remote procedure calls, thread-safe methods, component lifecycles, activity lifecycle, saving activity state, coordinating activities, service lifecycle, broadcast receiver lifecycle and processes and lifecycles.
Under the Hood of Native Web Apps for Android
Article: "Under the Hood of Native Web Apps for Android," by Frank Ableson. Discusses the web as a better widget, taking it native, granular WebKit, the application, the HTML and Java.

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