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Android™ Bootcamp Training Course - Marakana
"Android™ Bootcamp Training Course," from Marakana. The course covers designing and building mobile applications using the Google Android open-source platform. Topics include building Android apps, the differences between Android and other mobile development environments, how Android applications work, creating layouts, Views and using menus, Android's APIs, location-based services, background services, threads, notifications, telephony, network management, and deploying applications.
Android Training Courses
Android Training Courses from Marakana. Courses include the "Android Bootcamp" covers designing and building mobile applications using Google's Android, what Android is, how it compares to other mobile environments, setup, essential features, advanced capabilities, APIs, graphics and GPS; the "Android Overview" covers the Android stack, the SDK and process of developing applications for the Android platform; the "Intro to Android," covers programming on the Android platform, the basics of the Android platform, the application lifecycle, writing simple GUI applications, using built-in widgets and components; the "Advanced Android" course covers creating custom widgets, creating animations, working with the camera, using sensors, creating and using advanced content providers and more; the "Android Network," course covers creating networked Android applications, using the HttpClient, external JARs, local and remote services, notifications, location tracking, using Google Maps, integrating media players and more.

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Update :: October 19, 2018