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Android Resource Center
Tools and Downloads
Android Tools Overview
Tools Overview from Android Developers site. Discusses the Android development tools plugin (for Eclipse IDE), the Android emulator, the Android Virtual Devices (AVDs), the hierarchy viewer, layoutopt, the draw 9-patch, the Dalvik Debug monitor Service (ddms), the Android debug bridge (adb), the Android asset packaging tool (aapt), the Android interface description language (aidl), sqlite3, traceview, mksdcard, the dx, UI/application exerciser monkey, android and zipalign.
Android Debug Bridge | Android Developers
Android Debug Bridge (ADB) from the Android Developers site. Discusses what the ADB is, issuing ADB commands, querying for emulator/device instances, directing commands to a specific emulator/device instance, installing an application, forwarding ports, copying files to or from an emulator/device instance, listing of ADB commands, issuing shell commands, enabling logcat logging and stopping the ADB server.
Android SDK Download
Android SDK Download. Information includes platforms available including Windows, Mac OS X and Lin ux, a "Quick Start" guide, system requirements, installing the ADT plug-in for Eclipse, adding Android platforms to your SDK, getting documentation, downloading SDK components, and gettingstarted with an application project.

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