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Android Resource Center
Sample Chapters
Your First Android
Sample chapter: “Your First Android,” from Android Programming Tutorials, by Mark L. Murphy (June 2009). Discusses choosing a place for your application, Windows XP, checking your Java environment, downloading and installing the Android SDK, generating application files and examining the activity Java source.
Android Essentials: Introduction
Sample chapter: “Introduction,” from Android Essentials, by Chris Haseman (July 2008). Discusses what you need to start, getting started, installing Eclipse, getting the Android SDK, installing the Eclipse plug-in and the Android project.
WebView, Inside and Out
Sample chapter: “WebView, Inside and Out,” from The Busy Coder’s Guide to Advanced Android Development, by Mark Lawrence Murphy (July 2009). Discusses friends with benefits and turnabout is fair play.
The Phone Basics
Sample chapter: “The Phone Basics,” from Google on the Go: Using an Android-Powered Mobile Phone, by John Eddy and Patricia DiGiacomo Eddy (February 2009). Discusses setting up the phone, using an existing Google account and creating a new Google account.

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