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Android Resource Center
How to Program Google Android
Article: "How to Program Google Android," by Reto Meier. Walks through the development process of an Android application and discusses using the Eclipse plugin, downloading Eclipse, downloading the Android SDK, designing a UI, using the location-based services, refreshing a list, setting up a map activity, and creating an overlay.
Android Program Development
Article: "Android Program Development," from Discusses what Android is, setting up the developer's G1, setting up the SDK, the first Android program, running the first program on the ADV (emulator), running the program on the developer's G1 and the unit converter.
Android Programming
Free e-Book: Android Programming, by Nicolas Gramlich. Discusses what Android is, openness, the Android code challenge, creating Android apps, anatomy of an Android app, Android user interfaces, the Android/Manifest.xml, resources, "Hello World" done the Android way, using Intents and passing data to activities.
Android Tips and Tricks
Blog: Android Tips and Tricks for G1, G2, MyTouch, Cliq, Droid, Droid Eris and the Samsung Behold. Topics include adjusting phone ringer volume based on ambient sound, transferring music from a computer with proper album information, location sharing, screen transitions, the Android browser, using a barcode scanner from an Android web browser, auto word insertion, and reusable text snippets.
Developing In Eclipse with ADT
Tutorial: "Developing In Eclipse with ADT," from Android Developers. Discusses creating an Android project, running an application, creating an AVD, creating a custom run configuration, setting up application signing and Eclipse tips.

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