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Android Resource Center
Meet Android 2.0
Meet Android 2.0 from Discusses new features of Android 2.0 for users, developers and partners.
Development Tools for Android: Eclipse
Article: "Development Tools for Android—Eclipse," from infiniteZest. Discusses getting started with Eclipse for Android, Eclipse, the Eclipse IDE, extracting files, exploring, setting up a workspace directory, creating a shortcut and the welcome screen.
Tapping into Android's Sensors
Article: "Tapping into Android's Sensors," by Frank Ableson. Discusses what the Android platform is, the Android sensor capabilities, a sensor example, using the MediaRecorder and Android as a sensor platform.
Android vs iPhone Development: A Comparison
Article: "Android vs iPhone Development: A Comparison," by David Green. Discusses language, programming model, platform, testing and continuous integration, resources, tooling, IDE, content assist with integrated Javadoc, UI builder, debugger, profiler and heap analysis, XCode memory leak detection and the App Store.
Android Central
The Android Central site is a source of articles and resources on Android. Categories include applications, editorials, news, Ask Android central, round robin, how to, podcasts, rumors and featured.
Understanding User Interface in Android
Article: "Understanding User Interface in Android - Part 3: More Views," by Wei-Meng Lee. Discusses picker views, displaying the TimePicker view in a dialog window, displaying the DatePicker window, list views, and display views.
Android Emulator
Article: "Android Emulator," from Android Developers site. Discusses starting and stopping the emulator, Android virtual devices and the emulator, controlling the emulator, working with emulator and disk images, emulator networks, using the emulator console, using the emulator skins, running multiple instances of the emulator, installing applications on the emulator, SD card emulation, troubleshooting emulator problems and emulator limitations.
Designing for Performance
Article: "Designing for Performance from the Android Developers site. Discusses avoiding creation of objects, using native methods, avoiding getters/setters, cache field lookups, declaring constants final, using enhanced for loop syntax with caution, avoiding enums, using package scope with inner classes, avoiding float, and simple performance numbers.
Installing the Android SDK | Android Developers
"Installing the Android SDK," from the Android Developers site. Discusses preparing for installation, installing the SDK, installing the ADT plugin for Eclipse, adding platforms and other SDK components, exploring the SDK, and troubleshooting.
The Android 1.5 Developer Experience
Article: "The Android 1.5 Developer Experience," by Mike Riley. Discusses the additions have been included in the 1.5 release, improvements including Onscreen soft-keyboard that rotates in both portrait and landscape mode, A2DP support for high quality stereo Bluetooth audio reproduction, a Camcorder application and API (for capturing 15 fps videos with the ability to save, email and directly upload to YouTube), an AppWidgets and its associated API (exposes and extends dynamic application functionality to the Android desktop), Live Folders (provide dynamic shortcuts to application data), easy creation of profiled Android devices, design-time form rendering, and more.
Android Resources & Internationalization
Article: "Resources and Internationalization," on the Android Developers site. Discusses creating resources, using resources, using resources in code, references to resources, references to theme attributes, using system resources, alternate resources, terminology and Internationalization.

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