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Android Resource Center
Android Animation 101
Tutorial: "Android Animation 101," by Eric Burke. Discusses a simple animation techniques using Google Android, animating text, animation code, types of Android animations and including a bitmap.
android.view.animation Package
The android.view.animation package provides classes that handle tweened animations. The site provides a list of the classes with a brief description of what each class does.
2D Sprite Animation in Android,471.html
Tutorial: "2D Sprite Animation in Android," by Stephen Flockton. Discusses drawing animated sprites, creating animated sprites in Android, using sprite sheets and the functionality provided by the Android bitmap drawing functions, adding a new class to a project, encapsulation, controls, height and width of individual frames, and more.
Android Transitions: Slide In and Slide Out
Blog: "Android Transitions—Slide In and Slide Out," from Interfuser. Discusses transitions between views, ViewFlipper, creating a new Android project called ViewFlipper, defining a layout with a ViewFlipper and creating the slide animation.
Android Animation Framework Tutorial
Tutorial: "Android Animation Framework," from ScreamingToaster. Discusses getting started with Android, tweening, creating animation sequences, defining in XML and loading from XML, defining in Java code, applying animation sequences, layout animation and view animation.

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