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Android Resource Center
Basics of Android Location API
Article: "Basics of Android Location API," from the Android Competency Center. Discusses what location-based services are, the LocationManager, the LocationProvider, the LocationListener, the Google Map API, using the MapView, using the Location Manager, adding zoom control, adding a Map overlay and running an application on the Emulator.
Google Projects for Android: Google APIs Add-On
Google APIs add-on is an extension to the Android SDK development environment that gives Android applications access to Google services and data. The add-on includes the Maps external library, a compliant Android system image, a sample Android application (MapsDemo), and class documentation.
Maps External Library
Google Projects for Android: Maps External Library. This library makes it easier to add mapping capabilities to applications. The classes offer built-in downloading, rendering, and caching of Maps tiles, and display options and controls. The site discusses setting up a Maps project, setting up an Android Virtual Device (AVD), referencing the Maps Library for the application's manifest file, using the Maps classes in an application, getting a Maps API key and signing an application with the proper certificate.
Android APIs Package Index
The Android APIs Package Index from Android Developers. A complete list of the APIs (over 130) also includes a description about each one.
Mapping with Google APIs in Android
Article: "Mapping with Google APIs in Android," by Chunyen Liu. Discusses what Google APIs are available for mapping and constructing a MapView by a MapActivity.

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