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Amazon Web Services Resource Center
Amazon Web Services SimpleDB
Amazon SimpleDB
Amazon SimpleDB, from Amazon Web Services (web service for running queries on structured data in real time). Discusses a description of the web service and how it works, SimpleDB functionality, service highlights (simple to use, flexible, scalable, fast, reliable, designed for use with AWS, and inexpensive), pricing (machine utilization, data transfer, and structured data storage), resources, detailed description, API summary, Amazon SimpleDB and relational databases with AWS, data storage in Amazon SimpleDB vs. data storage in AmazonS3, calculating your storage needs, a machine utilization example, getting started, and intended usage and restrictions.
Programming S3, EC2, SQS and FPS
Book: Programming S3, EC2, SQS and FPS, by James Murty (March 2008). Discusses how companies can take advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS), data storage and bandwidth; background and technical detail for using Amazon's subscription-based Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Queue Service (SQS), Flexible Payments Service (FPS), and SimpleDB to build web-scale business applications; learn how to store and retrieve data using application servers, unlimited storage and bandwidth with the S3 service, buy computing time using Amazon’s EC2 interface, use Amazon’s web-scale messaging infrastructure, leverage the Amazon FPS service to structure payment instructions, create and store multiple data sets, query your data, return results using the SimpleDB, and scale up or down as needed.
Amazon Web Services Blog
Amazon Web Services Blog. Topics include increasing Amazon S3 data transfer performance, the difference between Amazon FPS (Flexible Payments Service) and DevPay, Amazon EC2 public AMIs (Amazon Machine Images), EC2 Firefox Extension is now open source, Amazon Mechanical Turk features, Amazon SimpleDB, and job listings. Links include recent blogs, RSS feeds, suggested books and more.
Browse Amazon Web Services
Browse Amazon Web Services site. Lists the Amazon web services and provides a brief description of what each service does. The services listed include the Amazon Associates Web Service (A2S), the Amazon Elastic Compute (Amazon EC2), the Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS), the Amazon Mechanical Turk, the Amazon SimpleDB, the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), the Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), the Alexa Site Thumbnail, the Alexa Top Sites, the Alexa Web Information Service and the Alexa Web Search. Links are provided to the information page for each service.
Amazon Web Services Developer Connection
Amazon Web Services Developer Connection site. Online home for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer community. Resources include links to resource centers for Amazon Associates Web Services, Amazon DevPay, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Flexible Payments Service, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon Simple Queue Service, the Alexa Site Thumbnail, Alexa Top Sites, Alexa Web Information Service, Alexa Web Search, C#, Java, PHP. Ruby, and Submit a Resource; discussion forums including the developer Connection, Amazon Web services, Discussion in other languages and other topics; and a Solutions catalog including Solutions For ..., and Browse by Service.
Amazon Web Services Solutions Catalog : RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds: Amazon Web Services Solutions Catalog. A listing of all the Amazon Web Services RSS feeds available. Topics include Forum feedbacks, forum tips, Amazon Associates Web Service, Amazon Flexible Payments Service, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Alexa Site Thumbnail, Alexa Top Sites, Alexa Web Information Service, Alexa Web Search, Amazon SimpleDB, Web services Beta feedback, known issues, web services feature requests, web services bug reports, marketplace seller API, and web services code samples.

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