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ASP.NET 3.5 Resource Center

ASP.NET 3.5 Webcasts
The Microsoft Learn ASP.NET Site
The Microsoft Learn ASP.NET site “Latest Content” contains several webcasts including “Browser Coding,” a 70-minute presentation by Jack Herington (an ASP.NET programmer), that covers JavaScript, Flash and Silverlight; “The ASP.NET Podcast,” hosted by Wallace McClure and Paul Glavich covers topics that include ASP.NET AJAX Futures Data (Video and audio), WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) file streaming, nested master pages in VS 2008, building an IIS7 HTTP module, and more; and a 70-minute presentation by Scott Cate (President of on the Model View Presenter (MVP).
ASP.NET Webcasts
Webcasts: A series of live ASP.NET webcasts presented by members of Microsoft product teams. ASP.NET topics include ASP.NET Soup to Nuts: Introducing Web Development, ASP.NET Soup to Nuts: Building Your First Web Application, ASP.NET Soup to Nuts: Web Application Design and Architecture, ASP.NET Soup to Nuts: Using the .NET Framework and Introducing System.Web, and Calling Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services with ASP.NET AJAX Client Libraries. Additional topics include Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7), Build Smart Web Applications with SQL Server Data Mining, A Sneak Peak Overview of SQL Server 2008, Representing Data in a Silverlight Control, MSDN geekSpeak: httpHandlers and httpModules, Silverlight for Total Novices, Tricks and Traps developing with Silverlight, Building Dynamic Silverlight Applications using a Web Service: the Downloader and CreateFormXAML, and Developing Silverlight Applications with Cider.

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