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ADO.NET Resource Center
ADO.NET in a Nutshell
eBook: ADO.NET in a Nutshell, by Bill Hamilton and Matthew MacDonald (April 2003). Discusses .NET data providers, connections, commands, DataReaders, DataSets, DataTables, DataColumns, DataRows, constraints, DataRelations, DataViews and data binding, strongly typed DataSets, DataAdapters, updating the data source, transactions, XML and the DataSet, the connection class, the parameter class, the DataReader class, the DataTable class, the DataColumn class, the DataRow class, the Constraint class, the DataRelations class, the DataView class, the DataAdapter class, the CommandBuilder class, the Transaction class, converting from C# to VB syntax, the System.Data namespace, the System.Data.Common namespace, the System.Data.SqlClient namespace, the System.Data.OleDb namespace, and the System.Data.SqlTypes namespace.

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Update :: October 23, 2018