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ADO.NET Resource Center
Efficient Use of an ADO.NET Data Component
Tutorial: "Efficient Use of an ADO.NET Data Component," by Nathan Zobrist. Discusses the technique of creating and using an application-wide data component, creating a new project, setting up a program framework, creating an MDI application with the MDI parent maintaining the data component, constructing a data component, using the Server Explorer in Visual Studio, declaring a DataComponent object, changing the default constructors of child forms, setting the DataSouce property, and programmatically setting the Table Property of the DataView to the DataTable in the data component.
Using ADO.NET for Beginners
Tutorial: "Using ADO.NET for Beginners," by Huseyin Altindag. Discusses a simple ADO.NET data base application, what ADO.NET is, connecting to an ADO.NET database, using DataSet, using the DataAdapter, displaying data in a DataGrid, DataBindings for TextBoxes, using the CurrencyManager, navigating through records with the Next, Previous, Last and First buttons, and how to trap keystrokes in the DataGrid.
Update Data Using Windows Form and .NET Data Sets
Article: "Update Data Using Windows Form and .NET Data Sets." Discusses the ADO.NET object model, DataTables and DataColumns, DataRelations, rows, the DataAdapter, database updates from DataSets, how an update is transmitted to the data source, accessing data, updating a record, deleting a record, and creating new records.
Calling Stored Procedures with ADO.NET
Tutorial: "Calling Stored Procedures with ADO.NET," by Paul Kimmell. Discusses calling stored procedures with ADO.NET, a quick primer for writing SQL Server stored procedures, using ADO.NET transactions, an optimal approach, testing your stored procedure, generating and archiving SQL script, creating connections, creating a command object, filling a DataTable, invoking DeleteCustomer, and fetching output parameters.
Creating ADO.NET Data Services
Tutorial: “Creating ADO.NET Data Services,” from Microsoft. Discusses how to create an ADO.NET web data service, creating a local data service using Visual Studio, creating the project, creating the entity data model, creating the data service, enabling access to the data service, and trying the ADO.NET data service.
Free ADO.NET 2.0 Tutorials and Articles
Free ADO.NET 2.0 Tutorials and Articles from David Hayden. ADO.NET topics include batch updates for improved performance, typed dataset, sorting and searching a DataTable, custom expressions, DataAdapter and database connections, data providers, the DBConnectionStringBuilder and the SqlConnectionStringBuilder, performance, tips and more.

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