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Project Astoria
Overview ADO.NET: Data Services (Project Astoria)
White paper: “Overview ADO.NET: Data Services (“Project Astoria”),” from Microsoft. Discusses ADO.NET data services for the web, a simple addressing scheme for data with uniform URLs, format independence, uniform patterns (reuse), web citizenship, storage independence, incorporating business logic, and describing REST services.
Using ADO.NET Data Services (“Project Astoria”)
White paper: “Using ADO.NET Data Services (“Project Astoria”),” from Microsoft. Discusses creating a web data service, setting up a data source, creating a local data service using Visual Studio, trying an ADO.NET data service, finding and pointing to data (URLs in web data services), structure of web data services URLs, query string options, expression syntax, options for data representation (Atom and JSON), changing data in web data services, creating a new entity, updating existing entities, deleting entities, associating entities through relationships, deep update operations, custom behaviors on data services, consuming web data services, controlling data service policies, and leveraging the ADO.NET entity framework mapping engine.

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Update :: December 19, 2018