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ADO.NET Resource Center
Moving DB2 Apps to ADO.NET with Delphi for .NET
Article: "Moving DB2 Database Applications to ADO.NET with Delphi 8 for .NET," by Jeremy McGee. Discusses what ADO.NET gives Delphi developers, how the different components in ADO.NET work together, how to use ADO.NET from existing Delphi VCL code, the Delphi 8 for .NET architecture, why change?, using ADO.NET from VCL applications, using ADO.NET from code, setting up a Delphi application to use ADO.NET, setting up Delphi to bridge between ADO.NET and VCL, connecting with DBConnection, retrieving data, connecting to data-aware VCL components, and moving from the BDE to ADO.NET and BDP.
Using DataSets in ADO.NET
Article: “Using DataSets in ADO.NET” from Microsoft’s “.NET Developers Guide.” Discusses what a DataSet is, creating a DataSet, adding a DataTable to a DataSet, adding a relationship between tables, navigating a relationship between tables, using a DataSet with existing data, merging DataSet contents, copying DataSet contents, working with DataSet events, working with a typed DataSet, creating and using DataTables, creating and using a DataTableReader, creating and using DataViews, and using XML in a DataSet.
SqlIndex—Lesson in “Connected” ADO.NET
Article: “SqlIndex—Lesson in “Connected” ADO.NET,” by Rodney S. Foley. Discusses how to access one or more databases in a connected way by the use of SqlReader, SqlTransaction, and SqlCommand, the Index method, libraries, private members, the main method, the constructor, and the start method, the index method.
Working with Exceptions in ADO.NET
Article: “Working with Exceptions in ADO.NET,” by Joydip Kanjilal. Discusses what exceptions are, exceptions in ADO.NET, exception handlers, using the “using” statement, and preventing unnecessary database hits.
Working with Transactions in ADO.NET
Article: “Working with Transactions in ADO.NET,” by Joydip Kanjilal. Discusses what transitions are, implementing transitions in ADO.NET, the SqlTransaction class, the Commit method, the Rollback method, the Save method, the steps to implementing transaction processing in ADO.NET, the System.Transactions namespace and the TransactionScope class.
DataTable Enhancements in ADO.NET 2.0
Article: “DataTable Enhancements in ADO.NET 2.0,” by Joydip Kanjilal. Discusses support for serialization, why a DataTableReader?, creating a DataTableReader, working with multiple tables, making an exact copy of a DataTableReader, merging multiple DataTables into one DataTable, and XML support.
ADO.NET Best Practices
Article: "ADO.NET Best Practices," by Leonardo Esposito. Discusses database connections, connection string storage, connection pooling, closing the connection, pooling and security, and transaction models.

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