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ADO.NET Resource Center
In Visual Basic
Using ADO.NET and Visual Basic.NET
Article: “How to Connect to a Database and Run a Command by Using ADO.NET and Visual Basic.NET,” from Microsoft. Discusses how to run a command, the steps needed to create a new console application in Visual Basic.NET, how to use parameters, and the steps to follow when using parameters with a command.
Quoting a Member with ADO.NET & Visual Basic.NET
Article: “How To: Quote a Member of the Connection String in ADO.NET by Using Visual Basic.NET,” by Microsoft. Discusses how to format a string if there is a quotation mark in a member of the connection string, a description of the technique used, creating the project and adding the code and the Imports statement.
ADO.NET Concurrency Using Visual Basic Windows For
Webcast: “Microsoft ADO.NET Concurrency Using Visual Basic Windows Forms,” from Microsoft. Discusses the concepts for handling ADO.NET concurrency using Microsoft Visual Basic Windows Forms in Visual Studio .NET, the types of concurrency control, optimistic concurrency options in Visual Studio .NET, retrieving new data after updating, using Command Builder and Data Adapter Configuration Wizard concurrency options, handling concurrency exceptions, how to display update errors, process user’s response and take an appropriate action.

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Update :: November 13, 2018