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ADO.NET Resource Center
Entity Framework
ADO.NET Entity Framework & LINQ to Relational Data
ADO.NET Entity Framework & LINQ to Relational Data Home page. Resources include Entity Framework (EF) toolkits and extensions including EF extensions, the eSqlBlast (Entity SQL tools and sample pages, and Perseus (a project designed to explore ways for exchanging graph); Entity Framework samples including sample EDMX code generator (provides insight into how the ADO.NET Entity Designer generates code in Visual Studio), and SketchPad (a drawing editor for creating elementary geometric shapes (lines and circles) and model them as entities using either the Entity Framework or LINQ to SQL; Entity Framework learning tools including the EF mapping helper (for creating sample mapping files for scenarios).
The ADO.NET Entity Framework Overview
Article: “The ADO.NET Entity Framework Overview,” from Microsoft. Discusses the ADO.NET Entity Framework, what problem spaces it targets and how its components address those problems, modeling at the right level abstraction, modeling data at the conceptual level of abstraction (the entity data model (EDM)), bring data into an EDM model (mapping), surfacing the EDM and mapping to the ADO.NET API (mapping the provider), querying against an EDM model (entity SQL), dealing with entities, relationship navigation, inheritance support, ADO.NET entity framework (object services); same data, but as objects; EMD concepts in the objects space, manipulating data and persisting changes, LINQ to entities (language-integrated query), LINQ and the ADO.NET entity framework, LINQ to DataSet, and LINQ to SQL.
Introducing ADO.NET Entity Framework
Article: “Introducing ADO.NET Entity Framework,” by Julia Lerman. Discusses from DAL (data access layer) to a foundation, working with Beta 2, building a simple data entry model, the visual EDM (Entity Data Model) designer, the schema file, the generated classes, drag-and-drop data binding, the ObjectContext, deferred loading, loading objects and their children, querying the data through the ADO.NET Entity Framework, methods of querying entities, the EntityClient provider, LINQ to entities, and querying and updating cross relationships.
Overview of the ADO.NET Entity Framework
"Developers Overview of the ADO.NET Entity Framework for Visual Studio 2008," from Microsoft. This 1.5-hour presentation overviews the ADO.NET Entity Framework 1.0, shows you where Microsoft is going with the first release (currently in Beta), using the extensible graphical modeling tool, how to create an Entity Model and query it and compare and contrast create an Entity Model to the traditional ADO.NET Model.

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