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ADO.NET Resource Center
ADO.NET Team Blog
Microsoft ADO.NET Team Blog. Topics include Entity framework, ADO.NET data services, connecting to pre-release versions of SQL Server 2008, design-time connectivity between Visual Studio and SQL Server 2008, the Update model, ADO.NET Entity framework performance comparison, query, paging query, stored procedure mapping, extending lightweight transactions in SqlClient, an Entity framework sample, LINQ to SQL, exploring the performance of the ADO.NET entity framework, ADO.NET performance improvements with the .NET framework 2.0 SP1, custom code generation in the ADO.NET Entity designer, how the ADO.NET entity Designer generates code, team blogs for related areas such as SQL, XML, the Project Astoria Team, JDBC, and data replication and sync.
The ADO Guy
Blog: "The ADO Guy," from Shawn Wildermuth (Microsoft MVP and president of Wildermuth Consulting). Topics include Silverlight, the ImageBrush, LINQ, ASP.NET, creating linkable Silverlight applications, data access strategies, Visual Studio 2008 PowerCommands, books, articles, code, presentations and more.

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Update :: December 17, 2018