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Sudoku Resource Center


Solving Sudoku
Sudoku Puzzle Solutions
This site solves Sudoku puzzles. Users enter the preset numbers in their puzzle into the grid (which they clear first) and press the "Solve it" button. The solution appears in the solution grid and an explanation of the solution appears in the notes area at the bottom of the screen. There is an option to get a solution without the explanation. New puzzles are posted daily, with an indication of their difficulty.
Sudoku Solution Techniques
An assortment of solution techniques ranging from simple to advanced.
Free Sudoku Solver
A free Sudoku solver that uses logic. Users can download the solver for a small contribution (through PayPal) that goes to charity. The site also has a worksheet that can be saved on a user’s computer and printed when needed.
Sudoku Solution Help
Users who need help solving their puzzles can enter them and receive a solution or get hints to help the solve the puzzle.

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Update :: October 16, 2019