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Gadgets and Gizmos Resource Center
Welcome to the Gadgets and Gizmos Resource Center. Our goal was to study the software gadgets from Microsoft, Google and others. In the process, we also discovered lots of great hardware gadgets and gizmos blogs and resources—many targeted to technically oriented people. We hope that you find these resources informative and entertaining. You might even find some useful items that you never knew you always wanted! In the Gadgets and Gizmos Resource Center you'll find links to:
The definitions of gadgets and gizmos—is there really a difference? :-)
Software Gadgets
  • The Windows Live Gadgets Gallery that includes software gadgets created by the community.
  • Gadget categories include fun and games, tools and utilities, search tools, news and feeds, techy/geeky/cool, mail and contacts, IM and spaces, safety and security, music/movies/TV and more.
  • The whitepaper, "Microsoft Sidebar for Windows Vista Beta 2: Gadget Development Overview," by Brain Teutsch. Discusses how gadgets work, gadget files, creating a gadget, gadget background, gadget system APIs, gadget settings, packaging a sidebar gadget, modifying and reloading gadget code, support for localization and more.
  • Details for entering a contest to develop gadgets for the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.
  • Google Desktop Gadgets—free software gadgets and tools developed by the community for the Google Desktop. Gadgets are organized by categories, including news, tools, communication, finance, fun and games, Google, sports, lifestyle and technology.
  • The free Alive iPod Video Converter that allows you to covert PC video files into videos for your iPod, and the free GalCiv2 Drive Meter that allows you to monitor the amount of space available on your hard drive and removable drives.

Hardware Gadgets

  • The article entitled "The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years," by Dan Tynan of PC World, which discusses some of the great gadgets from the last half century.
  • The Gizmodo blog, which discusses the latest gadgets and toys including cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, PDAs, portable media, smart phones, robots, software and more.
  • The Engadget blog, which discusses the latest electronics and gadgets. Comment on the gadgets, check out what's new at Engadget, ask a question about a particular item, and more.
  • ThinkGeek, which specializes in fun gadgets, geek toys, books, electronics, apparel and more.
  • Smart Stuff, which features clever gadgets, inventions and ideas. Categories include apparel, cars, culture, edibles, home, Internet, leisure, outdoors, personal care, travel, tools, work and more.
  • Gadget sites geared towards women, including Popgadget and Shiny Shiny.
  • The blog entry, "The Top 10 Weirdest USB Drives Ever," that shows pictures of humorously shaped USB drives.
  • Wired Magazine's Gadget Lab weekly newsletter, and the "Inspect A Gadget" newsletter, that discuss the latest gadgets, trends, gadget reviews and more.
  • Details about the DEMO conference that introduces emerging technologies. The conference features products from about 70 companies. Be sure to check out the DEMO video archive where you can view presentations from past DEMO conferences.
  • The Daily Giz Wiz from podcast from TWiT that covers a new gadget every day.
    Gadgets eBooks and books.
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