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Gadgets and Gizmos Resource Center
Microsoft and Windows Live (Software) Gadgets
"Scripting in Windows Vista: Creating Gadgets"
Article: "Scripting in Windows Vista: Creating Gadgets: Part 1," Microsoft TechNet. Discusses an introduction to Microsoft gadgets, creating your first gadget, the gadgets folder, the manifest file, the HTML file, displaying data in a , creating an "auto-run" gadget, and creating an "auto-refresh" gadget.
"Windows Vista Sidebar"
Article: "Windows Vista Sidebar" by Scott Lowe. Discusses starting the Windows sidebar, changing Windows sidebar settings, hiding the Windows sidebar, adding and removing gadgets, managing individual gadget settings, adding new gadgets to the gadget gallery, and adding gadgets to the desktop.
"Microsoft Sidebar for Windows Vista Beta 2"
Whitepaper: "Microsoft Sidebar for Windows Vista Beta 2: Gadget Development Overview," May 2006, by Brain Teutsch. Discusses gadgets pre-installed with the Windows sidebar, Windows sidebar and gadgets architecture, how gadgets work, gadget files, creating a gadget, gadget background, gadget system APIs, gadget settings, packaging a sidebar gadget, modifying and reloading gadget code, and support for localization.
Windows Live Gallery Developer Center
Visit the Windows Live Gallery Developer Center for information on developing gadgets and uploading your own gadgets into the gallery.
Windows Live Gallery
Windows Live Gallery is a source for free downloadable gadgets. Find the latest gadgets, desktop search items, toolbar items, messenger items, search macro items, and the most popular toolbox items. Select an item in any category to find the description of the item, its rating (1 to 5 stars), the number of times it's been downloaded, the number of reviews it has received and more. Check out the blog to learn about the latest gadgets and features.
Microsoft Gadgets Gallery
Check out the Microsoft gadgets gallery where the community can submit gadgets they developed using Microsoft technologies. Site includes a blog, forums, developer information and more.
Vista OS Gadget Contest
Enter a contest to develop gadgets for the Vista operating system.
Windows Live Gadgets Gallery
Check out the Windows Live Gadgets Gallery for some of the gadgets created by the community. Search by top categories, most downloaded and what's new. Gadget categories include fun and games, tool and utilities, search tools, news and feeds, techy/geeky/cool, mail and contacts, IM and spaces, safety and security, music/movies/TV and more.
Windows Sidebar and Gadgets
Windows Sidebar and Gadgets help make it easy to switch to mini applications. The side bar organizes gadget, making them easy to access. The gadgets are a series of applications that allow you to listen to Internet radios, view photos, get news and weather reports, and control a media player. Microsoft has lots of these gadgets available in an online gadget gallery.

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