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Gadgets and Gizmos Resource Center
Hardware Gadgets, Gizmos, and Thingamabobs
Gadget Reviews
Find reviews of cheap and tiny gadgets, such as bluetooth headsets, USB drives, MP3 players, LED lights and more.
The Gadget Blog
The Gadget Blog includes reviews of the latest technology gadgets including cell phones, portable audio and video players, robotic vacuums, digital cameras, coffemakers and more.
Get the latest gadget news and reviews in the TechEBlog.
"Coolest Gadgets" Site
Find wacky and useful gadgets including electronics, computer accessories, collectibles and more.
"Coolest Gadgets" Blog
Blog discusses the coolest gadgets, from electronics, to toys, to pet gadgets. Check out past reviews by category.
Smart Stuff
Smart Stuff features clever gadgets, inventions and ideas. Categories include apparel, cars, culture, edibles, home, Internet, leisure, outdoors, personal care, travel, tools, work and more.
Woot sells one gadget or consumer electronics item per day, offering deep discounts on the item. The site also includes a humorous blog, and a forum where you can interact with others in the Woot community and find side deals.
Gadget Blog
Blog includes the latest technology gadgets and consumer electronics news and reviews. Browse by category, latest reviews, latest gadgets and more.
The Gadgeteer
The Gadgeteer is an online review of the latest gadgets. Categories include audio/video, desktop computers, digital cameras, do-it-yourself, geek toys, PDAs, handheld PCs, home tech, laptops, gaming, watches, Windows mobile, and wireless. The latest review is featured at the top of the home page with spotlighted products along the right side of the page and past reviews listed by date and product. The site is a source of information about the selected gadgets (the products are not sold from the site).
ThinkGeek specializes in fun gadgets, geek toys, books, electronics, apparel and more.
MSN Tech and Gadets Site
MSN Tech and Gadets site features hardware gadets by category including desktops, notebooks, PDAs, cameras, cell phones, networking, storage and more. Find products news, articles, demos, reviews, blogs, how-to articles and more.
Engadget discusses the latest gadgets and provides a brief description. Engadget is a weblog that lists the latest electronics and gadgets. For anyone wanting additional information selecting the read button will take you to the manufacturers site for a full product description. You can also email the description to someone and read comments posted by others. If you want to add your own comments you will need to register on the site. Additional areas of the site include announcements (what's new at Engadget), ask Engadget (where you can ask a question about a particular item or ask for advice before making a purchase), cell phones, desktops, digital cameras, GPS, HDTV, handheld's, portable audio and video, robots and much more. Items listed on the site are not sold through Engadget; you will need contact the manufacturer to locate a local store or distributor.
GadgetUniverse is an Internet catalog for the latest innovative gadgets and toys. The home page is divided into sections listing best sellers, new gadgets, toys and hobbies, relaxation aides, and men's accessories. You can search for a specific item or category. Additional categories include gift ideas, electronics, spy & security, toys & hobbies, clocks & watches, home innovations, car gadgets, health & fitness, body therapy, comfort travel and super deals. When you click on a specific item you receive a description of what it does, its features and specifications, and its cost. You are also told if the item is in stock and its cost.
The Gizmodo Blog
The Gizmodo blog discusses the latest gadgets and toys. The home page lists several of the latest new gadgets, and provides links to the manufacturers for additional information and ordering. You can search the site for a specific gadget. You can also view the listed gadgets by category (including cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, PDAs, portable media, smart phones, robots, and software to name a few). Users who want to post a comment on an item can sign up for an account.

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Update :: October 19, 2018