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Gadgets and Gizmos Resource Center
Google Desktop (Software) Gadgets
The Key Counter Google Gadget
The Key Counter Google gadget allows you to keep track of the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks you have each day. It compares the numbers to the previous day's and keeps an ongoing tally.
The College Sports Gadget
The College Sports gadget from Google enables you to keep up-to-the-minute on 20 popular college sports. You receive the latest news, scores and other information.
Nanosearch is a Google gadget currently in beta that allows you to search your favorite web sites (rather than the entire web) for a specific topic.
The Chess Google Gadget
The Chess Google gadget allows you to play a game of chess online with a friend.
NASA TV is a free Google gadget that allows you to receive coverage of NASA activities, including news releases and videos.
Google Desktop Gadgets
An assortment of free gadgets and tools are available at Google Desktop Gadgets. When you select a gadget icon you receive information on that gadget including a brief description as to what the gadget does, its author, version number, and date of its latest release.

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Update :: October 20, 2018