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Gadgets and Gizmos Resource Center
Gadgets eBooks
Great Age Guide to Gadgets and Gizmos
Great Age Guide to Gadgets and Gizmos, by Sandy Berger. Discusses the latest computer gadgets, electronic toys and devices and how they can be used to improve your life. Explains how these devices work.
TechTV's Guide to Home Networking...
TechTV's Guide to Home Networking, Broadband and Wireless, July 2002, by Jerry lee Ford, Jr. Discusses how such gadgets as electronic pens (that capture text and send it to a computer), wearable computers, VCRs and other home appliances can be connected to form a home network.
Consumer Gadgets: 50 Ways to Have Fun...
Consumer Gadgets: 50 Ways to Have Fun—and Simplify Your Life—With Today's Technology, March 2003, by Nicholas D. Evans. Discusses the most amazing high-tech innovations and technologies.
Leo Laporte's 2005 Gadget Guide
Leo Laporte's 2005 Gadget Guide, 2004, by Leo Laporte. Discusses the hottest technology gadgets. The products are presented by category with buying tips and cautions. Leo also includes his top 10 favorite gadgets.
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography, 2004, by Joseph Ciaglia. Topics discussed include digital photography and its terminology, gadgets such as docking stations and memory sticks, how to use Photoshop and iPhoto software, and getting your photos onto the web and in emails.

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