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Gadgets and Gizmos Resource Center
Gadgets Sample Chapters
"Getting High-Speed Connections: Broadband..."
Sample chapter: "Getting High-Speed Connections: Broadband Internet" from Consumer Gadgets: 50 Ways to have Fun—and Simplify Your Life—With Today's Technology...and Tomorrow's, March 2003, by Nicholas D. Evans. Discusses how it works, benefits, and features and considerations.
"Battery-Powered Infrared Pulsed Laser"
Sample chapter: "Battery-Powered Infrared Pulsed Laser" from More Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius, December 2005, by Robert E. Iannini. Discusses the theory of operation, circuit theory of operation, current monitor, charging circuits, and chassis assembly.
"Antigravity Project"
Sample chapter: "Antigravity Project" from Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius: 28 Built-It-Yourself Projects, March 2004, by Robert E. Iannini and Robert Iannini. Discusses the theory of operation, construction steps, and the board assembly steps.

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