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Gadgets and Gizmos Resource Center
Gadgets Books
Eccentric Contraptions: and Amazing Gadgets, Gizmos and Thingamabobs, September 2004, by Maurice Collins and Ian Kearey. Discusses gadgets from old to new categories include domestic, kitchen, business, social, medical and transportation.

Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius: 28 Built-It-Yourself Projects, March 2004, by Robert E. Iannini and Robert Iannini. Some of the projects include antigravity, high-energy pulser, mass accelerator, magnetic can crushing, handheld burning CO2 gas laser, handheld burning diode laser ray gun, long-range optical laser, laser property protection fence, laser window bounce listening device, lightning generator, traveling plasma Jacob's Ladder, tornado generator, light saber,see-in-the-dark, electromagnetic pulse generator (EMP), ultrasonic microphone, and a property protection guard.

101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius, June 2006, by Brad Graham and Kathy McGowan. Projects include audio eavesdropping and recording, microrecorder hacking, bionic stereo spy ears, working with audio on your computer, filtering out background noises, telephone audio interface, automatic call recorder, sound-activated computer call logger, telephone input/output box, using computer effects to disguise your voice, digital camera hacking, enhancing digital photos, recording video signals, working with video on a computer, web cameras as security cameras, classic nanny cam, WYSIWYG sunglasses, video camera pan and tilt controls, audio bugs and transmitters, video transmitters, scanners, protection and countermeasures, and building a mini video controlled spy robot.

More Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius, December 2005, by Robert E. Iannini. Some of the projects include a laser property guard, Kirlian imaging, microwave cannon, remote wireless FM repeater, long range FM voice transmitter, canine controller, and a body heat detector.

The Gadgets Geek's Guide to Your Blackberry and Treo, March 2006, by Andrew J. Dagys. Discusses Treo features, a Treo quick start, Blackberry features, a Blackberry quick start, productive SmartPhones, communicating with people on your SmartPhone, browsing the web on your SmartPhone, enhancing your lifestyle with your SmartPhone, customizing your device, tips and tricks, add-on applications for Blackberry and Treo, moblogging with your SmartPhone, and a comparison of the Blackberry and Treo.

Consumer Gadgets: 50 Ways to have Fun—and Simplify Your Life—With Today's Technology...and Tomorrow's, March 2003, by Nicholas D. Evans. Discusses high-speed connections, getting wireless connections, personal digital assistants (PDAs), SmartPhones, personalizing your cell phone, world phones, single log-ins and profiles, fingerprint readers, facial recognition, remote-control software, voice-activated services, instant messaging, receiving alerts and notifications, VoIP, in-car information (OnStar and MobileAria), GPS systems, tracking kids with GPS, digital photography, digital video, camera phones; sharing audio, video and images over the web, making digital recordings, digital music (MP3 players), digital video recording (TiVo), multiplayer online gaming, printing from a mobile device, tablet PCs, simplifying payments, securing Internet buying, digital wallets, self-checkout, connecting your home (Internet Home Alliance), networking using the phone line and electrical system, using many devices with one connection (personal mobile gateways), speech recognition, 3-D desktops, AI and computer that see, digital pen and paper, using virtual tours, personal robots, working with virtual keyboards, fuel cell and drive-by-wire cars, and the next generation transportation.

The Gadgets Geek's Guide to Your Sony PlayStation Portable, February 2006, by Jerri L. Ledford. Discusses beyond the manual, getting inside your PSP, surfing the Web PSP-style, getting in the game, hot video at your fingertips, your PSP and your personal library, PSP productivity, Homebrew, neat PSP tricks, accessories, hardware hacks, PSP for Mac users, and PSP web resources.

Leo Laporte's 2005 Mac Gadget Guide, November 2004, by Leo Laporte and Todd Stauffer. Discusses iPods, PocketPCs, PDAs, making home movies, burning DVDs, working online and how to upgrade your hardware.

Leo Laporte's 2005 Gadget Guide, September 2004, by Leo Laporte and Michael Miller. Discusses a wide range of gadgets and electronics including MP3 players, digital cameras and home theater equipment.

Leo Laporte's 2006 Gadget Guide, September 2005, by Leo Laporte and Michael Miller. In this latest edition a wide range of gadgets and electronics including MP3 players, digital cameras and home theater equipment is discussed.

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