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Gadgets and Gizmos Resource Center
Gadgets Articles
PC World's Gadget Freak Columns,10/columnist.html
Articles: PC World's Gadget Freak, Dan Tynan gadget columns for the last 12 months offer a variety of tips and how tos for gadget collectors. Topics include home surveillance networks, repairing, finding bargains, remotes, home theaters, smart cars, high-def discs, buying used gear, spy tools for the family, gift ideas, and robots for work and play.
"Gadget Freak: Four Simple Rules for Buying Used..,124160-c,consumeradvice/article.html
Article: "Gadget Freak: Four Simple Rules for Buying Used Gear" by Dan Tynan. Discusses what you should consider before purchasing used equipment.
"Gadget Freak: Six Rules for Rescuing Dead...",126460-c,consumeradvice/article.html
Article: "Gadget Freak: Six Rules for Rescuing Dead Gadgets" by Dan Tynan. Discusses what you can do to get your gadget repaired. Questions you should ask yourself include: "How dead is it?" "How old is it?" "How much will the repair cost?" "Where do you take it?" "What about your data?" "Can I fix it myself?"
"Six Gadget Etiquette Dos and Don'ts..."
Article: "Six Gadget Etiquette Dos and Don'ts for the Workplace" by Allan Hoffman. Lists proper etiquette when using cell phones, PDAs, and iPods. The article stresses that you should be aware of where you are as what may be acceptable in one situation may not be in another.
"The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years",123950-page,1/article.html
Article: "The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years" by Dan Tynan. PC World takes a look at gadgets over the last 50 years including Walkman (the first personal music player), the Apple iPod, ReplayTV and TiVo, PalmPilot, StarTac phone, Atari 2600, Polaroid Camera, PlayStation 2, Razr phone, Phonemate (answering machine), Speak & Spell, hand-held calculator, handycam, Zenith Space Command (early remote control), Radio Shack TRS 80 (portable computer), Nintendo Game Boy, Iomega Zip Drive, Song Aibo, and video game joystick.
"10 Greatest Gadget Ideas for the Year"
Article: "10 Greatest Gadget Ideas for the Year" by David Pogue. Reviews the 10 best gadgets for 2005 including a folding memory card for digital cameras, voice mail VCR feature for the Treo, Hewlett-Packard's rear projection TV with front side connectors, Canon's PowerShot S 80 video camera for high-resolution video, downloadable copy-protected TV shows for viewing on iPods, a flip phone that allows you to see who is calling (without having to open the phone) and either ignore the call (allowing the phone to ring until voice mail picks up) or dismissing it immediately (sending it directly to voice mail), shuttle DVD player that can be used in the car, under a counter or on a desktop, Casio digital cameras that have a self-timer mode that will take three consecutive pictures within a seconds (helps to ensure getting a good photo), and Sony camcorders for wide screen high-definition recording.
"Asian Pop the Gadget Gap"
Article: "Asian Pop the Gadget Gap: Why Does All the Cool Stuff Come Out in Asia First?" by Jeff Yang. Discusses why many innovative products never reach the American consumer and why many products are not sold out side of Asia. The article also includes the author's top seven Japan-only Gizmos.

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