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XAML Resource Center
eXtensible Application Markup Language (XAML)
Slide presentation: "Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) XAML Code Demo," from Microsoft. Discusses namespaces in XAML workflows, the XAML activation demo, the workflow compiler demo, custom root element demo, using communication activities, invoking the WebService, and XamlNumberGuess.
Deep Dive into XAML
Article: "Deep Dive into XAML," by Rizwan Sharp. Discusses what XAML is, why use XAML, separation for design from code, designer/developer collaboration, serial and deseralized, simplicity, shorter code, basics of XAML, initializing object (object elements), setting simple properties (property attributes), setting complex properties (property elements), attaching event handlers (event attributes), namespaces, markup extensions, code behind files, XAML compilation, loading and parsing XAML at runtime, creating a new project, creating a separate XAML document, and loading the XAML and adding controls and runtimes.
XAML Custom Controls and Animation
Article: "XAML Custom Controls and Animation," by Jason Nadal. Discusses what XAML is and what it does, effortless partial classes, getting started with XAML and styles, data binding, XAML event handling and getting started with animation.
XAML and Custom Classes
Article: “XAML and Custom Classes,” from Microsoft. Discusses custom classes in applications or assemblies, requirements for custom classes as an XAML element, requirements for properties of a custom class as XAML attributes, requirements for XAML event handler attribute syntax on events of a custom class, writing collection properties, declaring XAML content properties, and serializing XAML.
XAML Syntax Terminology
Terminology: “XAML Syntax Terminology,” from Microsoft. Discusses the origin of XAML syntax terminology, object element syntax, attribute syntax, property element syntax, XAML content syntax, attached properties, attached events, XML namespaces, markup extensions and optional and non-recommended XAML usage.
XAML Namespaces (:x) Language Features
“XAML Namespaces (:x) Language Features,” from Microsoft. Discusses the array markup extension, Class attribute, ClassModifier attribute, code XAML directive element, FieldModifier attribute, key attribute, name attribute, null markup extension, shared attribute, static markup extension, subclass attribute, type markup extension, TypeArguments attribute, Uid attribute, XData XAML directive attribute, XamlName grammar, escape sequence/markup extension, xml:lang handling in XAML and xml:space handling in XAML.
Amazing XAML
Article: “Amazing XAML,” by Peter Himschoot. Discusses why XAML?, the maze object with XAML, loading XAML into an application, XAML namespaces, object properties, adding rooms to the maze, property-element syntax, using multiple namespaces in XAML, resources, type converters, markup extensions, using ContentPropertyAttribute, attached properties, room for improvement and the XAML cookbook.
XAML Parser Architecture
“XAML Parser Architecture,” from Microsoft. Discusses XAML load phases, XML syntax verification, XAML syntax verification, model and object installation and error messages.
XAML Language Feature Reference
XAML language feature reference describes the XAML namespace (x:) language features and the WPF namespace (default) language features.
Inside XAML
Article: “Inside XAML,” by Ian Griffiths. Discusses how XAML (short for eXtensible Application Markup Language) relates to the support provided by WinFX, why use a new markup language?, XAML and objects, properties, complex properties, adding code, and handling events.

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