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Windows Presentation Foundation
How XAML Transforms Collaboration in WPF
Article: "How XAML Transforms the Collaboration Between Designers and Developers in Windows Presentation Foundation," by Karsten Januszweski and Jamie Rodriguez. Discusses the XAML revolution, why use a markup language, what differentiates XAML from other markup languages (such as expressivity, comprehensiveness, extensibility and separation of concerns between the designer and developer), roles and workflow, implications for the designer, implications for the developer, roles and responsibilities, the designer/integrator/developer model, the designer/developer model, the harvest model, the collaboration model, the tools, native XAML tools, expression blend, Visual Studio 2008, existing tools that export XAML, Microsoft Expression design, Adobe Illustrator, 3-D tools that export XAML, WYSIWYG XAML editors, best practices for designers, budgeting the design, reuse, understanding one-way tools, group objects, understanding the platform, resolution-independent logical units, dynamic layout and the control model, templates and styling, WPF animation, best practices for developers, embracing blend, understanding blend internals, taking a data-first approach, adopting consistent naming, structuring and documenting of XAML files; choosing code-behind, architect for the platform, and using SNOOP to tweak XAML at runtime.
XAML and WPF Coding Guideline
Blog: "XAML and WPF Coding Guidelines," by Paul Stovell. Discusses XAML conventions, using x:Name instead of Name, placing the first attribute of an element on the line underneath the element name, using DynamicResource sparingly, using SnapsTodevicePixels, giving a root element a name, picking a naming convention for elements, resource organization, structuring resources and resource naming conventions.

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Update :: October 20, 2018