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Training Courses
XAML Training Course
Training course: "XAML Training Course—UK. This 2-day fee-based instructor-led course covers common UI classes, good UI design, documents, data binding, defining actions, namespaces, text, shapes, painting and brushes, panels, layout, animation, transforms and XAML serialization.
Introduction to WPF and XAML
Training course: “Introduction to WPF and XAML,” from Mobiform Software. This 3-day fee-based course provides an overview of .NET 3.5, declarative programming, XAML syntax, and WPF. Topics include namespaces, brushes, 2D shapes, dependency properties, common UI classes, XAML products, panels, resources, styles and control templates, transforms, documents, 2D animation, events, binding, serialization, localization, media 3D, web applications, custom controls and interop.
Silverlight Essential Training
Free Training: “Silverlight Essential Training,” with Mike Harsh (the program manager on the Silverlight team at Microsoft). The XAML portions cover XAML and JavaScript interaction, understanding vector graphics, using vector, working with paths, clipping, understanding transforms, understanding JavaScript events in XAML, using JavaScript events, advanced XAML, understanding text in XAML, working with text in XAML, understanding brushes, using brushes, understanding animations, using animations, understanding XAML timers for animation, creating an XAML timer, understanding create from XAML, using create from XAML, understanding the XAML workflow between tools, organizing XAML assets, understanding media and images in XAML, and working with media and images.

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Update :: October 19, 2018