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XAML Resource Center
Tools and Downloads
Aurora XAML Designer
Design environment: Aurora XAML Designer from Mobiform Software. This is a for-sale design environment for creation of user interfaces and graphic content for WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) applications (a free trail is available). Features include the generation the XAML markup required for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET applications and for WPF applications targeted for the Internet.
WPF (XAML) Imaging Developer SDKs
Tool: Leadtools offer developers an extensive file format support and image processing features, while taking advantage of the UI development features provided by WPF (Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation)(many of the tools are available for a free trial), features include imaging capabilities, interface automation, data-driven user interfaces and visualization, Windows shell integration, bitmap effects (to add visual interest to rendered WPF content), image encoders and decoders that integrate with the Windows Imaging Component (WIC) framework, and viewer controls for displaying images in XAML-based applications.
XAML Downloads
Microsoft's Extensible Application Markup Language downloads. Resources include a definition of XAML, and overview, system requirements, download instructions, files included in the download and a list of what others have downloaded.
Introducing XAML Cruncher 2.0
Blog: “Introducing XAML Cruncher 2.0,” by Charles Petzold. Discusses XAML Cruncher (a WPF program that lets you experiment with writing XAML), features such as an Edit section (to write XAML), Display section (that displays the rendered graphics), Notepad-compatibility, the installation of Cruncher 2.0, the Suspend Parsing option, error handling, the Show Ruler and Show Grid Lines options, Print rendered XAML and Save rendered XAML to bitmap options (save a bitmap image of the visual tree), and more.
The MyXaml site. MyXaml is an open source tool. Its features allow developers to create user interfaces dynamically, allows design teams to take advantage of the architectural strengths of XAML, adds scalable vector graphics and 3rd party controls, gives users the option to modify the interface dynamically, the XAML can be secured using encryption and digital signing and extensibility.
Maya to XAML
Tool: The Maya To XAML plug-in allows designers to create 3D user interfaces in Maya and export them to XAML, objects created in Maya can be used as hit targets, Windows form controls and more; and objects are kept as vector data in the interface (allowing for the scaling of entire applications).
ZAM 3D - 3D XAML Tool
Tool: ZAM 3D—3D XAML tool is a for sale solution for creating 3D interface elements for Microsoft Windows Vista-based applications and acts as a 3D to XAML and dxf (digital eXchange Formet) to XAML converter, and XAML files can be directly integrated into application development environments to create rich user experiences.
Adobe Illustrator to XAML Export
Tool: "Adobe Illustrator to XAML Export," created by Michael Swanson. Discusses the goals for developing the plug-in, installation, features (including XAML export, DrawingBrush format, path support, stroke, gradients, opacity, color management, layers and groups, clipping masks, pathfinder/compound shapes, blends, envelope distortion, element visibility, XAML comments, XAML preview, and abbreviated path syntax), future features including raster images, native text, pattern fills, symbols, opacity masks, image effects, configurable precision, points to DIPs (device independent pixels), XML encoding, XAML name; and tools.
Fireworks to XAML Panel in Fireworks CS3
Article: "Using the Fireworks to XAML Panel in Fireworks CS3," by Grant Hinkson (Adobe Developer Center). Discusses what XAML is, what the Fireworks XAML panel does, requirements, the output tab, the XAML options tab, generated XAML, tailoring the XAML, rectangles and borders, resources, converting artwork to XAML and suggested readings.

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Update :: November 15, 2018