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XAML Resource Center
Working with XAML (Silverlight 2)\
Article: “Working with XAML (Silverlight 2),” from Microsoft. Overviews XAML and discusses XAML namescopes, using inline XAML, XAML xmins and mapping custom xmins values, using XamlReader.Load, code-behind and partial classes, Silverlight namespace extensions and XAML namespace (:x) language features.
XAML and Silverlight
Article: "XAML and Silverlight," by Nandini S. Anatharam. Discusses what rich Internet applications (RIA) are, aspects of RIA architecture the complicate management processes, how XAML provides solutions, what XAML is, XAML and Silverlight, inside XAML, transformations, media, animations, why use XAML?, downsides of XAML in web, and what kind of applications will XAML enable in web.
Silverlight Events
Silverlight Events: Event topics include “Creating Templatable Controls in Silverlight,” “Charlotte Code Camp” (free one-day seminar is a series of intensive code-related demos and technical sessions), “Silverlight Workshop” (a breakdown of Silverlight, the ins and outs of XAML, hosting in the browser, and the tools and using Silverlight on the server), “Flash vs. Silverlight, ”Building Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight 2” (discusses how to build Silverlight 2 applications using Visual Studio 2008, how to create a UI using XAML markup and code and how to access data from a web service, how Silverlight and LINQ work together, and a look at “Deep Zoom” a technology in Silverlight that offers a better user experience when viewing large images on the web), “SilverlighDevCamp” (conversation results in intriguing dialogue and sessions), and “Silverlight 2 TechFest” (sessions include Microsoft web technologies, designing a rich Interactive Silverlight application with Expression, building a rich Interactive application with Silverlight and WCF and a panel discussion).

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