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XAML Resource Center
Sample Chapters
Controls and XAML
Sample chapter: "Chapter 3: Controls and XAML," from the eBook, Introducing "Longhorn" for Developers, by Brent Rector. Topics include XAML elements, XAML panels, controls, resources and styles, graphics and animations, and document services.
The Basics of XAML
Sample chapter: “The Basics of XAML,” from XAML in a Nutshell, by Lori MacVittie (March 2006). Discusses core XAML syntax, elements, root elements, control elements, panel elements, shape and geometric elements, document elements, attributes, attached properties, binding properties and codebehind.
Authoring Workflows Using XAML
Sample chapter: “Authoring Workflows Using XAML,” from Programming Windows Workflow Foundation: Practical WF Techniques and Examples Using XAML and C#, by Scott Allen. Discusses pure XAML and using custom activities in XAML.

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