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MyXAML Open Source Class Instantiator
MyXAML is an open source class instantiator. Site includes downloads, a blog, FAQ, whitepapers, a forum, bug tracker and more.
XAML Resources
XAML Resources compiler by Marc Clifton. Discusses what XAML is, terminology (including declarative programming, the object graph, serialize, and deserialize), why use XAML?, how XAML is used, who is doing XAML (such as Laszlo, Microsoft, Mobiform, MyXaml, Xamlon and XUL Community), available tools, websitesm blogs, publications, tutorials, controls, lists and collections, unit testing, design and architecture, performance, and client/server.
Welcome to XAML.NET!
XAML.NET provides up-to-date information and resources on XAML and XAML-related topics. Resources include a deinition of XAML (what it is), things you should know about XAML, what WPF (Windows presentation Foundation) is, what XBAP (XAML Browser Application) is, XBAP demos, and XAML demo (snowboarder), getting started with XAML, dictionary, how-tos, resources, links, calendar an more.
XAML Resources
XAML resource site includes downloads, forums, articles and more.
XAML Resource Site
XAML resource site includes an introduction to XAML, a dictionary, resources and more.
Longhorn Corner Website
The Longhorn Corner website. Resources available include articles on topics that include: animation in XAML, a guided tour of XAML, using XAML in Windows Presentation, binding XAML data to a database, the BulletDecorator in XAML, drawing graphic shapes in XAML, XAML layout using the Panel class, the XAML TextBox, working with brushes in XAML, working with fonts in XAML, the XAML grid, the XAML label, understanding XAML controls, XAML tools, the XAML ImageBrush, and more.

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