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XAML Resource Center
XAML: A World Of Opportunity
Article: "XAML: A World Of Opportunity," by Paul Colton. Discusses XAML and describe its advantages, the benefits of XAML for various software businesses (such as consulting firms, independent software vendors (ISVs), and corporations), and speculates on how XAML might evolve and how the market will grow beyond the Windows platform, what XAML is, the XAML revolution and extended XAML.
Data Bound UIs in XAML
Article: "Data Bound UIs in XAML," by Joe Marini. Discusses a to build a dynamic user interface that automatically responds to changes in a data model and updates their appearance by using binding relationships between the elements in the UI using an XAML approach called bindings, types of data bindigs, an interactive binding demonstration and running the application.
File Extension XAML ( .XAML ) Information
File Extension XAML ( .XAML ) Information from Uniblue (a Microsoft certified partner). Allows users to run a free registry scan if Windows is having a problem opening XAML files. Recommendations for XAML file users and a list of file extensions.
Writing XAML Friendly Assemblies
Article: Writing XAML Friendly Assemblies," by Marc Clifton. Discusses what XAML is, editing XML, why use XAML, the presentation layer, how it works, writing a XAML friendly assembly, namespaces, classes, properties, type converters, collections, events and tags and names.
XAML Blog Reader
Article: "XAML Blog Reader," by Joe Marini. Discusses an XAML way to read data from an XML source and display the results, a declarative approach to building an application, examining the code and running the application.
Building Photo Uploaders with XAML
Article: “Building Photo Uploaders with XAML,” by Jack Herrington. Discusses how to develop XAML applications and how to do something useful with them, building a PHP web application, starting with XAML, the interface basics, wiring up the backend and trying it out.

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